Realtor Associate CA Lic. #02008790

Realtor Associate
CA Lic. #02008790

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About Tommy Dung Van Doan 


Going through college at San Jose State University, I graduated with a degree in Kinesiology aiming to help people in physical therapy. I have always wanted to help people in one way or another. Being able to rebuild a person’s part of the body is very rewarding. But after graduating, I have decided to have a career change because I wanted to help people in another way where they can fulfill one of their biggest dreams, to purchase a house for their family. Being in the healthcare business for a few years helped me learn that in order to reach the final goal, the process can be long and painful. But it can be done with the right steps, being patient and persistent. The transition was smooth because it had the same values, to help the client/patient through the process and being there for them until the end. That’s the philosophy that I follow in and would like to help all the clients in achieving their goal in purchasing their first and many houses.


To meet new people, to be personable with them and being able to see the joy on my client’s face in achieving their life long dream goal.


Patient, reliable, and communicative.

Where can we find you when you're not working?

With my friends and family and if I’m not there, playing volleyball and basketball.

Anything else you'd like to tell people about yourself?

I’m a very personable person, that’s very down to earth and enjoys a good time with family and friends.

What do you love to do in your spare time? (What is your favorite hobby?)

I love to play team sports such as volleyball and basketball.


To go to Bora Bora and enjoy their beautiful beaches.

hat magical power would you want to have?

To fly or to heal.


My wife and I recently purchased a home at the end of Oct 2018 and Tommy helped us with the entire process. He helped calm our nerves since it was our first purchase and was there every step of the way. He showed us the home, walked through what to look for, and helped us close quickly. In escrow, he also walked us through all the paperwork and stayed on top of the request from the seller. He was great to work with and would recommend him.
David B., Buyer

I had the pleasure of working with Tommy when my girlfriend and I was looking for our forever home. Tommy exceeded all of our expectations about what it means to have a realtor. He was extremely patient and always made us feel like we had his full attention. We were able to contact him at any hour of the day and he promptly responded with a sense of urgency. We appreciated all of the work that Tommy did whenever we went to open houses. We were very demanding clients and wanted to know comps for every house regardless of our interest. Not once did Tommy show any signs of being annoyed during our search. On top of that, he would go to the house during his free time to give us his unbiased opinion of the house aligned with what our requirements are. When there was a high interest for any house, he would also go several times to double check certain things that we forgot or didn't see at the open house. He was great at being the liaison between us and the seller providing unequivocal representation of our interest. I highly recommend Tommy if you are looking for a talented realtor who will always put you first.
Tracy T. and Larry C., Buyer

Tommy and I first met at San Jose State University, we were both Kinesiology students at the time. A couple years later, we met again at a physical therapy clinic in the south Bay Area. Fast-forward a few years, my fiancé and I got engaged and we wanted to start looking at houses in the Bay Area. Since we didn’t quite know where to start at first time home buyers, we started to ask for recommendations through our friends. As we were getting recommendations, I remembered seeing on Facebook that Tommy became an agent with a company in San Francisco. I was very glad to know that he remembered who I was after a few years. We started talking and ended up meeting in person so Tommy could meet my fiancé and get to know him. I had a lot of trust in Tommy and I knew that he would do an excellent job with helping us find the house that checked off everything on our list of wants, needs, and nice-to-haves.

After meeting in person and deciding that Tommy was the one to go with, we then approached him with a few properties that we were interested in and he was patient and methodical in his approach. He made sure that we slowed down and gave consideration for our long-term goals of getting the house and that they aligned with the attributes of the properties. He helped us refine our search and organize our criteria into must-haves, wants, and nice-to-haves. He also suggested things we could do to improve our attractiveness as buyers such as going beyond pre-approval to get a loan commitment letter from our lender. Once we have decided on a house to bid on, Tommy made a great impression on the seller and seller’s agent with his professionalism. This ultimately gave use the edge over other potential buyers.

Throughout the process, we had frequent questions and needed assurance that things were progressing as expected. Tommy provided timely responses to our questions in all hours of the day and also made sure to follow-up on document signing requests with an explanation via text message or email. He even relayed the back-and-forth negotiation for us with the buyer while travelling to a wedding on a Saturday afternoon. After everything was settling down and we were finally in escrow, Tommy kept in close contact with our lender, the HOA committee, and inspection/appraisal officers to make sure we could confidently close within the deadline.

Tommy made the house buying process go so smoothly. The communication that he had between everyone involved was excellent, there wasn’t anything that was hidden from us and we knew exactly what was going on. He really wants to establish an agent-buyer relationship that not only lasts just for the house buying process but to continue on after in life. I felt that Tommy really wanted to make sure that his clients were always happy, and that he would do anything to achieve that.
Kristin Y. and Jeff S., Buyers

I met Tommy at an open house. He was friendly, easy-going, and didn't come off as pushy like some of the other agents I had met up to that point. He was very easy to communicate with, whether it was by phone, email, or text, and he was always quick to respond to my questions and concerns. At one point, I had seen a property listed online with a final open house scheduled for that weekend; however, I was heading out of town on vacation that very day. I let Tommy know I was interested in the property, and somehow he was able to schedule a private viewing that very night (literally a few hours before my flight out of town). After seeing the property, I knew I was extremely interested and worked with Tommy to make a quick offer. The listing agent for the property made a lot of confusing statements and there was a lot of back and forth, but Tommy was able to navigate through all the confusion on my behalf, and I was able to close on the property of my dreams.  It was a pleasure working with Tommy to purchase my first home, and I would highly recommend him.
Kayla F., Buyer

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