Dear SEQUOIA Agent,

We want you to thrive! We want to put more money in your bank. To give you that boost, below is our current provisions and policies:

Per Agent:


Business Cards

Your first batch of 500 business cards will be provided for by SEQUOIA. They are of a professional thickness with embossing of the SEQUOIA logo in the middle. If you would like to purchase additional ones on your own, let the Marketing Team know.


Office Space

All SQ Agents are welcome to work in the office and use the conference room when it is not reserved. Please view and schedule reservations in our shared "Conference Room" Google Calendar. Agents are also welcome to work at a desk if the assigned agents are not currently using it. All SQ Agents are also welcome to use the office's appliances. 

Rider Sign

Your first rider will be provided for by SEQUOIA with your first listing as an SQ Agent. We order from Graphtech in Daly City and they each cost about $40 each. Let the Marketing Team know if you want to order more for yourself. 

Rider sign (6"X24"), printed on both sides, white border, drill 2 holes on top and bottom - $40/each
Graphtech (650) 758-2755  | 212 School St, Daly City, CA 94014 | Hours: 10:30 am – 6:00 pm


Directional Signs

SQ will reimburse you $400 through escrow toward your first order when you get your first listing as a SEQUOIA Agent.  We order from Below is the pricing, let marketing know how many you would like to order. Turn around time is 3-5 day production time, and 1-2 day shipping time. 

Please pick between the two design choices: (A.) Blank Arrow  or (B.) "Open" in the Arrow. 

Here's our policy on support team's help with directional signs: Our support team will assist with creating 2 plastic slots on a directional sign, one on each side.  Our support team will print out address labels for agents to slip into these slots.  Our support team can also print out open house hrs, but the agent will have to tape that onto the sign themselves.

smaller 20"x20":
4 @ $65.00 each
8 @ $60.80 each
12 @ $58.00 each 

bigger 24"x24":
4 @ $90.15 each
8 @ $86.00 each
12 @ $78.00 each


Per Month:


  1. Broker will subsidize part of your marketing expenses if the following occurs:
    1. The expense needs to be approved by Broker. Current subsidized items are only print material for monthly farming. Stamps and labels will not be subsidized.
    2. Receipts dated for a certain month, needs to be submitted to Broker no later than the 5th day of the following month (11:59pm)
    3. Associate-Licensee to compile all receipts for the month with a coversheet - all of this needs to be submitted in one email
    4. Coversheet should include expense vendor, description, amount, Broker subsidy
    5. Broker subsidy will be the same percentage as Associate-Licensee’s commission split
    6. Broker subsidy will be based off of a maximum of $1,000 of the Associate-Licensee’s approved marketing expense for that month
    7. Submit this to the Office Manager (Kalok) and she will forward it to the the Broker (Kelvin)

Cover Sheet Template

for SQ Monthly Marketing Subsidy Cover Sheet


Per Listing:


Photography & Property Visits

Professional photography is provided for per listing. If you would like us to make a 2nd trip out to the property for "Non-Staged" photos, there will be an additional charge.

For listings in San Francisco to Redwood City, the Support Team will visit the property twice before it's listed (inspections, install sign) and a maximum of four times during escrow (removal of supra, inspections, appraisal, and removal of signs/lockbox).

For listings outside San Francisco to Redwood City (and <50 miles from the office), the Support Team will visit the property once before listing (inspections or pictures) and once during escrow (inspections/appraisal or removal of the sign).  If the property is over 25 miles but less than 50 miles, Associate-Licensee will pay for the mileage over 25 miles at $1/mile and toll if any.

When representing Buyers in contract for a property in San Francisco to Redwood City, the Support Team will visit the property a maximum of two times during escrow (inspections and appraisal).

When representing Buyers in contract for a property outside San Francisco to Redwood City, the Support Team will not be able to visit the property.

If Associate-Licensee needs the Support Team to make an additional trip beyond the visits listed above, Associate-Licensee will be charged $25/hour (starting from the time the Support Team member leaves the office), plus mileage (IRS mileage rate) and toll if there is any.



The standard amount that we will provide is 300 flyers for homes, 200 for condos.  If you have to make 2 flyers because of 2 different showing agents, ask the Marketing Team about the quantity before sending it to print. We will subsidize up to $150. 



SEQUOIA will provide you with a custom webpage per property with its very own custom domain name URL. The webpage will have a brief description of the property, photos, agent info, map, and a link to download the pdf flyer.


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