30 Social Media Hashtags Every Real Estate Agent Should Know

*Note: These Hashtags are also applicable and popular on Instagram and Facebook. A hashtag is like a community link. Anything that is #hashtagged can be 

With only 140 characters composing each tweet, communicating on Twitter might seem like a pretty easy way to incorporate social media into your marketing strategy. But coming up with the message is only part of a tweet. Consider the hashtag — the ubiquitous little symbol (#) that identifies keywords and gives a message context, meaning and endurance. By adding a hashtag to a word, you make your entire message searchable so that others — even people who don’t follow you — can find it and read what you have to say. Used correctly, the right hashtags can grab your audience’s attention and get them to follow you.

Here are 30 Twitter hashtags every real estate agent should know.

Real estate hashtags

  1. #RealEstate
  2. #Realtor
  3. #Realty
  4. #Broker
  5. #ForSale
  6. #NewHome
  7. #HouseHunting
  8. #MillionDollarListing
  9. #HomeSale
  10. #HomesForSale
  11. #Property
  12. #Properties
  13. #Investment
  14. #Home
  15. #Housing
  16. #Listing
  17. #Mortgage
  18. #HomeInspection
  19. #CreditReport
  20. #CreditScore
  21. #Foreclosure
  22. #NAR
  23. #EmptyNest
  24. #Renovated
  25. #JustListed

Branding hashtags

  1. #YourName, e.g., #AlanSmithee
  2. #YourOfficeName, e.g., #MowedLawnRealty
  3. #YourBrokerage

Event hashtags

  1. #OpenHouse, e.g., #JanesOpenHouse
  2. #RealEstateConference, e.g., #ZillowForum

The sheer volume of usable hashtags can be overwhelming, since literally any word can be turned into one. But you can narrow down the deluge by familiarizing yourself with the hashtags most relevant to real estate, and identifying the ones your leads and clients are most interested in and talking about. Then you can use those hashtags in messages and content that connects that targeted audience to you. Hashtags aren’t limited to Twitter; you can use them with other social media — including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest — to reach, attract and engage a whole other audience.

Source: http://www.zillow.com/blog/pro/30-twitter-hashtags-for-agents-113251/

Kelvin's Docusign

Hello All, 

I've noticed some emails being sent to team@sequoia-re.com to use Kelvin's docusign account. I think the better way to go about this is as follows:

During Office Hours:
Please send an email to staff@sequoia-re.com to see if any of us are on his account.

During Off Hours:
Please send an email to the following people:

Please let me know if you are all okay with this. I just think it doesn't spam everyone that is on team@sequoia-re.com and not everyone has access to Kelvin's docusign account. 

Thank you,

Kalok Law, Realtor

Be Safe!!!

Hi everyone,

As a realtor, one of my biggest fears is being physically harmed while on a listing presentation, open house, or private showing...I wanted to share this story with all of you (especially the female agents).  



This story will be covered on 20/20 this Friday night. We should all watch and take notes on how to keep ourselves safe.



Art Show Tonight

Hi Team,

I'm attending an art show tonite at Kearny Street Workshop at 1246 Folsom St.  One of my friends is a Program Manager there and I thought it would be good to check out an event outside my network.  Email me directly if you are interested in joining.  The event is from 7-9pm.  More info on the link below:




Kelvin Kam

February TBHO

Hi Team!

If you weren't at today's meeting, I'm super excited to announce I will be hosting February's TBHO at my apartment complex at the AVA apartments on 55 9th Street here in SF!  We are thinking of doing it either Thursday 2/19 or Thursday 2/26 around 7pm.  Please get back to me ASAP which date works best for you or if you can make it at all.  I would love to see all your beautiful faces there and eat some good food!  Looking forward to it :-).


Sarah Smith

P.S. Feel free to bring friends and family!


Welcom Lian Wu!

Hey Team,


Please join me in welcoming Lian Wu to our team!  She enjoyed meeting everyone last week and is excited about building her business with us.  Come by the office Monday 2/9 as we will have a celebratory lunch after our team meeting.


Welcome to the Sequoia Family Lian!


Kelvin Kam

Welcome Jimmy Ma!

Hi Team,


I'd like to introduce you to Jimmy Ma, our newest member of our team.  Jimmy has a background in commercial/hotel deals but wants to focus on building his business in residential real estate.  I met him a few months ago and knew he would be a great addition to our team.  He's committed to his business, willing to learn, and feels Sequoia has the right resources for him to grow.


Thank you Sabrina for referring your friend Jimmy to us!  We will be having a celebratory lunch after our team meeting tomorrow Monday.  Please join me in welcoming Jimmy to the team.


Welcome Jimmy!


Kelvin Kam

McCellan Listing

Hi Team,

Just got word from my friend who is listing this beautiful new property in Cupertino.  Here are the details:

Address: 22345 McClellan Rd Cupertino, CA 95014
Listing Price:  3.288 million
Specs:  5 Bed/4.5 bath, 4059 sf

      -Paverstone driveway and walkway
      -Fully landscaped front/back/side yards + water feature
      -Wine cellar
      -Wine cooler
      -Huge kitchen island
      -Master suite w/deep soaking jacuzzi tub, dual shower heads w/ hand shower and 2 rain shower heads
      -Outdoor stand-alone grill
      -2 fireplaces (1 indoors in formal livingroom and 1 outdoors in backyard)
      -Bocce ball court
      -2nd Bedroom suite
      -Quiet community on quiet road, close to highway 85/101
      -Hardwood floors throughout

Please let me know if you guys have questions or if your clients have any questions.  Pictures below on their flyer.  


Perry Kayasone

Sequoia Real Estate Third Annual Holiday Party

Hello All, 

I cannot believe how close we are to Thanksgiving! This year really flew by. 

During our past Monday meeting, we entertained the idea of having a Thursday holidaydinner, something similar to last year. Then we recalled all the December birthday girls & guys wanting to go to Napa for their celebration, so we've decided to do a Napa day trip for our Holiday & December birthday celebrations. We were hoping to have it on a Monday ORFriday. There will be a bus that will pick us all up at the office and take us to Napa to visit a couple of vineyards,then a dinner, and a nice game of white elephant.

Please email me back personally which Monday OR Friday of December works best for you. :) 

Thank you,
Kalok Law

Condo Conversion for SF

Hi all,

Hope everyone is having a lovely day.

I have a friend asking about condo conversion stats for SF.  She is interested in buying a duplex and converting but wants more info about appreciation values, costs, etc.  I can tell her what I know but it is anecdotal coming from me. 

Does anyone know of a more verified source for this?  Even what you know will be helpful if you had experience or know-how of this. 

Much thanks,