Realtor Associate CA Lic. #02026101

Realtor Associate
CA Lic. #02026101

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About Mike Duong

Mike Duong is a 25 year veteran of the Bay Area real estate investment and property management industry . He comes from a long legacy of innovative business developers, starting from his grandfather’s era, and more recently actively investing in Bay Area real estate since the late 90s, acquiring homes with great potential and subsequently renovating these homes for sale or rent. Mike and his family have combined the power of thorough knowledge of the housing market along with dedicated client relationship development to build a thriving business, and help countless clients discover and purchase their dream homes.

Mike has a broad base of expertise, not only as a realtor but also as a home flipper. As a realtor he has a strong client and business network that helps him discover housing opportunities, such as off-market properties, that are often not accessible to his peers. And he is able to connect clients with these opportunities at competitive pricing, which greatly benefits them. As a home flipper, Mike has assembled a wide network of construction crews that can help clients transform their homes post-purchase, all while increasing their value by $150K - $200K or more.

When not working, Mike is a devoted husband and father of four, and can be found engaged in charitable functions that allow him to give back to the community that has provided him with many opportunities along the way. He is passionate about volunteering, fundraising and building awareness for various causes that help elevate the community and its citizens. He lives from a place of gratitude and believes that giving back and living and working with integrity is the cornerstone of solid business and personal relationships, and ultimately, a good life.


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