Realtor Associate   CA Lic.   #01945413

Realtor Associate
CA Lic.  #01945413

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About Luci Feng

Tell me about your journey to real estate.

I toured open houses with my mom when she was looking for a home. It was my first exposure to the different styles of homes in San Francisco. Soon after, I was given an internship opportunity at a real estate company. After graduating from college, I found a position as the transaction coordinator at Sequoia Real Estate. During my time there, I  learned a lot and obtained my real estate license. 

What are three words your clients would use to describe you?

Bubbly, Patient, Positive

What most excites you about your work?

Knowing that I am helping my clients purchase one of the biggest investments in their lifetime. Knowing that they may start a new chapter of life in that house. 

Where can we find you when you're not working?

Probably hanging out with friends (whether it be going to a picnic, watching movies, or going on mini getaways like LA, Napa), or eating yummy foods. I really enjoy a good brunch!

What would be impossible for you to give up?

Family. They are my biggest support in everything I do.

Anything else you'd like to tell people about yourself?

I am a big fan of sweets. I love desserts and truly believe I have a second stomach for them. 

What would you say to a 5-year-old child if he or she asked you what the purpose of life is?

Purpose of be happy SO Live, Laugh, Love.

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