San Francisco is a hub for technology and the internet. 

San Francisco sets the stage for the way the rest of the world adapts. In a generation where our children grow up learning new things using iPads, we know it's paving the way for big, big things ahead.

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to Marketing yourself on the Internet, especially in the Real Estate Industry. In San Francisco, we're experiencing a MAJOR technology boom, very different than the "DotCom" era about 10 years ago. Now, there are entire Businesses who make a lot of money by creating useful Applications that consumers and businesses use every day. Every heard of Salesforce? They made their entire fortune off of creating an online program that tracked/streamlined the entire Sales and Customer Service Departments of large companies, so nothing could ever get lost in translation. If a fax was never received, or an attachment never sent, just search the system and find out.

digital, E-MAIL, & social media marketing

Think of all the postcards you send. Do you have a reliable way of tracking how successful they are? How many people actually look at them, keep them, or throw them in the trash? And how many of those postcards actually turn into clients?

The beauty of e-mail marketing is that you can use your personal contacts and set up e-mail newsletters to remind them of what you're up to, or what listings you have going on the market. Then, once sent, you get a report with EXACTLY who opened it and how often they opened it. And with that info, you can build new lists to e-mail the people that open your mail the most. A few different e-mail Marketing companies are Mailchimp, Constant Contact, SendGrid, & Wix. There are also other 3rd party companies that send them for you such as E-FlyerMarketing. The key is to get in front of potential clients' eyes as much as possible, so they remember you when they decide to sell their home. We can guide you in the right direction with Facebook Advertising, E-mail Marketing, and other tech-related Marketing Needs.


Networking is an essential tool to meet like-minded individuals, & the first step in turning someone into a client. Put yourself in your clients' shoes. Whom are you targeting? Busy professionals? Mothers? Fathers? Think about the places they'll be when they're not working. Register for local business conferences and after-work mixers; join the neighborhood Sports or Yoga group; sign up for the Puppy Playdate Meetup (yes, they exist)! Good websites to check:,, and our SQ-Events Calendar.


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