5 Steps to Prep Your Home For Sale in Spring

Article via HomeAdvisor. 

Selling your home can be an extensive process, but you don’t want to spend too much time preparing. As we come into the spring and summer real estate market, take quick steps to get your home ready to sell. Here are some of the essential prep steps:

#1 Clean your home.

Your home needs to be spotless before buyers start walking through. So make a to-do list of all the rooms and what to clean. Think about cleaning windows, repainting any walls that are particularly scratched or smudged, and cleaning grout and floors. Other cleaning to-dos may include:

  • Bathroom: Clean mirrors, wash out shower/tub, wipe countertops, mop floors
  • Bedroom(s): Wash linens (curtains, bedsheets, cover), vacuum, dust
  • Living Room: Clean furniture, vacuum carpet, dust
  • Kitchen: Wipe down appliances and countertops, dust cabinets, clean out refrigerator, mop floor

You can also save time by hiring a professional cleaning service to come through your home. They can do every room in your home in less time than it would take you to do it; that way, you can spend more time on other projects.

#2 Depersonalize.

When buyers walk into your home, they want to see themselves living there. So if you have a lot of personal items scattered across the house, they’re less likely to feel at home. Remove your personal photos, art, and plants. This also will apply to big furniture, most of your small appliances and any clothing you aren’t wearing often. If you need more help depersonalizing your home and staging it for buyers, you can hire a home stager for about $600.

#3 Increase curb appeal.

Your curb appeal will be one of the essential components to selling your home this year. It’s important to trim the bushes and trees, mow the lawn and water any flowers or shrubs. Some other curb appeal tips include:

  • Power or pressure washing the siding
  • Adding more flowers and shrubs around the sidewalk or front porch
  • Washing the windows
  • Painting the front door a bold color
  • Cleaning the gutters

#4 Think about your home inspection.

If your market is a buyer’s market, or if your house needs help selling, consider getting a home inspector out to the house. Buyers will have a home inspection performed beforehand, so why not save some time? You can find any problems that might impede the sale and fix them. This could include leaky pipes, holes in the roof or electrical wires in need of repair. Addressing these issues could make the difference in whether or not you get an offer on your home.

#5 Invest in small projects.

You should never spend thousands of dollars on major renovations like a bathroom or kitchen remodel. Rather, think about the smaller updates you can make to increase appeal. Maybe your kitchen countertops need to be replaced. Maybe your bathtub tile needs to be regrouted. Some of the best investments include a new paint job, front door replacement or hardwood floor refinishing. You can always ask your realtor what’s trending in the area and what helps to sell a home.

Article courtesy of Blue Matter blog and Home Advisor. All rights and content belong to original sources.

"From Alamo, With Love" Spring Fundraiser!

There's no better way to spend a Saturday night than among our very own community, close friends, and loving parents supporting Alamo Elementary School! Our very own agents William TranLaura Caballero, and Kelvin Kam were all present at the event, representing Sequoia Real Estate as a proud sponsor on Friday, April 24th. Congratulations to Alamo for raising over $100,000! 

We served delicious zinfandel and chocolate shots in addition to a free raffle of a $100 Amazon Gift Card by having guests guess the number of corks in our glass vase. We are pleased to announce that the winner of the $100 Amazon Giftcard is Sean, happy parent of Kaito! 

We wanted to thank everyone who came and participated in our free raffle, and hope you also enjoyed the shots as much as we did!  We would also like to thank Alamo Elementary for another exciting event for having us there.  Stay tuned for Sequoia’s next sponsored event!


                         Sean,    happy parent of Kait  o, was one number off the cork count!

                         Sean,  happy parent of Kaito, was one number off the cork count!

Lafayette School Spring Auction!

We're radiating in the glow of glitter from our latest sponsorship at Lafayette Elementary School's Spring 80's-themed Auction on Saturday 4/18! 

The theme of the night was "I LOVE THE 80's"! Sequoia Real Estate had a wonderful time dancing the night away, as well as bonding with the community and supporting the local San Francisco Elementary School, located in the Richmond District.

Our team members, Laura CaballeroKelvin Kam, and Sarah Smith, proudly represented Sequoia at the event with delicious chocolate-wine shots and a Free Amazon Gift Card Raffle.

Drumroll please...it's with great pleasure that we'd like to announce the winner of the $100 Amazon Gift Card raffle: Congratulations Barbara Herrmann! 

A very special thank you to all of the parents, teachers, and staff who made us feel extremely welcome! We sincerely enjoy every minute of being able to give back to our community and we are so excited for next year's event!