silent auction

George Peabody Silent Auction!

Wow, what a whirlwind of a weekend! Sequoia Real Estate attended a plethora of Springtime Events! Among the highlights was George Peabody Elementary School's in the Inner Richmond, just a hop and a skip away to the Sequoia Real Estate Headquarters.

What better way to spend a lovely Saturday night than among the Richmond community, close friends, and loving parents supporting George Peabody! Our very own agents Laura Caballero, Thao Vo, William Tran, and Kelvin Kam were all present at the event, representing Sequoia Real Estate as a proud sponsor on Saturday, 4/25. 

We served delicious zinfandel and chocolate shots in addition to a free raffle of a $100 Amazon Gift Card by having participants take their best shot at guessing the number of corks in a glass vase. We are pleased to announce that the winner of the $100 prize is an ecstatic George Peabody parent, Kendra Miles! 

Our winner, Kendra Miles, guessed the exact number of corks! 

Our winner, Kendra Miles, guessed the exact number of corks! 

We wanted to thank everyone who came and participated in our free raffle, and hope you also enjoyed the shots as much as we did!  We would also like to thank George Peabody Elementary for having us there.  Stay tuned for Sequoia’s next sponsored event!