Seeing Red - The New Bathroom IT Color

Energetic, Vibrant , Bold:  The color Red is gaining traction and can transform any space into a stunning room. Even though neutral tones are used more often in interior design, we are seeing red gaining in popularity during these past few years.

While many feel that splashing red across a living room is super risky, the bathroom is surprisingly one place in the house where the red shades look absolutely natural and stylish, all while elevating it into the next tier of elegance. In order to create that statement accent in a room, designers are taking advantage of the striking color in both subtle and bold ways.

It is not a complicated task to make red as a dominant color. You can start small and choose the right light fixtures in order for the small room to look elegant and not boring. One of the other simple tricks that can be used is to add shimmering silver details or accents. The silver serves as a great balance to the red, creating a very light and elegant look. Or, you can be brave and bold and paint an accent wall your favorite shade. Either way, have fun and fall in love with this lovely hue!