Dear SEQUOIA Agent,

Welcome to the SEQUOIA Family! Congratulations on making this decision to grow your business with our SQ team. Let us and the world know a little about yourself! We will use your answers in your marketing materials, and a copywriter will polish it into your bio for your personalized agent webpage.

When going through the questions, don't worry about answering in complete sentences.  Just jot down some words, phrases, and we will have our copywriter articulate it for you!

Introduce Yourself:

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Hope you had fun answering the questions! This was the list of interview questions we worked on during our meeting.  To recap, we are creating "associate bios" for our new website, and we are trying out a new format. Traditionally, a bio is written in paragraph form.  We find that most people won't want to read it.  Instead, to engage the audience, we feel an interview format may produce better results. 

Thank you and welcome to the team!


The SEQUOIA Family
of SEQUOIA Real Estate Inc